A Rebel Without a Clue

For those too stubborn to be told who they are.

The Mark of the Remarkable

Who wants to be ordinary? Why not change the world instead?

There’s no such thing as a remarkably average individual. In fact, do you know the word for a completely mediocre, non-impressive, conformist? No, you don’t. No one does, because who cares?

Iconoclast. Innovator. Superhero. These words aren’t for the regular guy. They are reserved for the “crazy people” who actually believed they could change the world. These people are remarkable. They are so because they first decided that they would be. They made a conscious decision that they would take advantage of this blessing of a life. There is actually no such thing as a superhero. There are only people who really believe they can be one.

But…there’s no reward in choosing to be ordinary, save for the security of never having to step outside of yourself, never pushing forward, and always lagging behind. Let others go first to make sure it’s safe. And if it seems too scary, ridicule them for having gone off the beaten path.

Also…beware the falsehoods of standing out. It doesn’t require you to puff up your chest and be the loudest voice in the room. It isn’t making the most money, or driving the fastest car. To be remarkable, is to accept that God has blessed you with incredible talent and ability and a personhood that is unique to every living individual.

Finally…to be remarkable is to embrace that uniqueness and exploit those talents and abilities to pursue your goals until the very end.

Now that’s remarkable.

Challenge accepted.




What Do You Really Want?

Most people will readily tell you what it is they want to be or do. You usually get answers like banker, lawyer, doctor, etc. Or for those a bit more bold you’ll hear a short story rationalizing their safe, secure future plans. I used to think these people were just incredibly dull, but I don’t buy that anymore either. I believe all people have interesting, world-changing plans, they’re just too scared or embarrassed to say them out loud.

This has prompted me to start asking a better question, “what do you really want?” This has been proven to draw out either the real motivations, or in some cases-what they’re hiding from.

What are you afraid to say out loud? What do you really want?

I want to change the world. I want to write, to build, to create. I want to have influence. I want to build a brand-one with my name in it. Above all, I want to do it all for His glory.

This is what I really want.

What about you?



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